The Upper Eyre Region incorporates 4 Local Government Areas including Whyalla, Franklin Harbour, Cleve and Kimba. The region spans just over 15,000 square kilometres with an estimated resident population of approximately 26,200 [Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2017].

Encompassing the north-eastern section of the Eyre Peninsula, the Upper Eyre region offers unique landscapes, coastal communities and spectacular scenery. The northern boundary incorporates the industrial hub of Whyalla and continues south along the coastline to the small fishing and tourist town of Arno Bay. Diving with giant cuttlefish, fishing hot-spots and spectacular views are some of the many things that attract tourists to the coastal towns that stretch across the regions coastline. Venturing inland, tourists are offered diverse experiences including scenic drives, numerous lookouts and hiking trails within the regions conservation parks. The Darke Peak Ranges and Yeldulknie Weir & Reservoir offer breathtaking views and a chance to take in the native vegetation and local wildlife. From historical museums and incredible silo art, to the Big Galah; there is something for everyone visiting the region.

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing industry employs 36.5% of employed persons within the region (ABS, 2016). Other key industries within the region include manufacturing and mining, as well as a strong tourism and retail trade.